5 ways to avoid getting stung in the Bee Yard

How to Avoid Bee Stings while raising Honey Bees

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The first question anyone asks when they find out that you are getting into beekeeping is most often regarding stings.

They ask things like:

“How often do you get stung?”,”Do they sting you?”, and “Aren’t you afraid of being stung“.

The simple and honest answer to the root question is – sometimes.

Honey Bees will avoid stinging you unless it is necessary because they die if the stinger is pulled from their body.

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Top 100 Plants You Can Grow To Help Increase Bee Population

The Bees Need Our Help Planting a Pollinator Garden can be rewarding for everyone. Deciding what to plant can be difficult.  Use this guide to find something that you can grow and help #savethebees. Trees to Bring In Bees Bees and Trees need each other. Plant some trees if you can. Alders Basswood Black locust Fruit trees, especially apple, plum, and cherry Hazels Maples Redbud … Continue reading Top 100 Plants You Can Grow To Help Increase Bee Population

Edible Plants that Attract Bees to Your Garden

Bees, Butterflies, Birds and other pollinators need more vegetation.


Planting an edible garden is a real win/win situation.  The garden allows you access to fresh, organic, nutritious foods and also provides nourishment to some of the insects that pollinate the crops for you.

Unsure about which plants to grow to attract more pollinators? Are you a beekeeper looking to provide more pollen and nectar for your bees while also caring for your family?

Rather than give you a complicated algorithm, I am just going to list the most common and easiest to cultivate.

Be sure to let a few of your vegetable plants flower and some go to seed after harvest. This ensures that the bees are fed late in the season and that seeds are available for the next season

Plant these 15 edible plants in your backyard Garden and help #bringbackthebees.

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