Clean your Bee Smoker To Make it Last Longer

Bee smokers are very beautiful and shiny when they are new. After a few uses, they begin to show signs of use. over time, the residue and creosote build up inside the smoker can cause it to operate poorly.

A working bee smoker is a necessity when handling your hives. The smell of a mammal approaching puts the bees on high alert. The scent of smoke masks the human odor slightly The plumes of smoke from a smoker make the bees think that they need to gorge on honey just in case the hive is on fire. You are basically tricking them into going deeper into the hive which is safer for you and them.

Have you ever thought about proper smoker maintenance? Most beekeepers just scrape the residue out and keep going. There is more to maintaining your smoker than just a quick clean up. Continue reading “Clean your Bee Smoker To Make it Last Longer”


5 ways to avoid getting stung in the Bee Yard

How to Avoid Bee Stings while raising Honey Bees

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The first question anyone asks when they find out that you are getting into beekeeping is most often regarding stings.

They ask things like:

“How often do you get stung?”,”Do they sting you?”, and “Aren’t you afraid of being stung“.

The simple and honest answer to the root question is – sometimes.

Honey Bees will avoid stinging you unless it is necessary because they die if the stinger is pulled from their body.

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