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Back to Basics –

Becoming a New Beekeeper, Again


beekeeping-2423310_640Several Months ago, my area was struck by Hurricane Harvey. Flood waters rose faster and higher than anticipated. The water level was at about 5 feet in my front yard for over a week. We lost many possessions, had to surrender our dog to the shelter during a boat rescue. It was surreal. We are now in the process of rebuilding and repairing. The worst feeling for any new beekeeper is to lose it all in the first year.  We were just getting started.


My backyard during hurricane Harvey 2017


We have not lost the excitement or the energy around beekeeping and have decided to try new techniques and newer equipment.

We will be brand new beekeepers again.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we chronicle our experience buying everything new and starting from scratch. We believe that there are bees living in the newly abandoned home next door. This could get pretty exciting.


We have closed our store for the moment and we expect to re-open in mid-2018 or later.


How did your hives fare during Harvey?

Want to help me rebuild? Make a purchase on Amazon now through March 15th and I will receive 5% of the revenue in the form of an Amazon gift card. 

All you have to do is follow this link. Once you arrive at Amazon, you can choose to purchase any item of your choice. Your shopping experience will not change and you will not be charged for your generosity.



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