Why Does That Bee Have A Dot Of Paint on Her Back?

Have you ever noticed the little dot on the back of one bee in a hive?



That’s the queen.

Queen Bees are typically marked by birth year

The five internationally recognized colors are –

Year ending with a  1 or 6   =  White

Year ending with a  2 or 7   = Yellow

Year ending with a  3 or 8   =  Red  

Year ending with a  4 or 9   =  Green  

Year ending with a  5 or 0   =  Blue


Most beekeepers use a queen marking tube and die-cast paint to get the job done but some experienced keepers just grab the queen and mark her with a commercially produced marking pen.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to allow your queen time to dry before placing her back into the hive. Her attendants will quickly begin to clean her off as soon as she is introduced back into the hive. We don’t want them to eat away her shiny, new mark, Don’t be timid, just be cautious and you will do fine.


Learn More:

How to Mark Queen Bees

Are you interested in learning more about beekeeping as a hobby or as a profession?

Send us your beekeeping questions and we will post an answer ASAP



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