Where do I get my first bees?

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If you want to get your first hive going, you will need to source bees.

There are several ways to go about procuring the little sweeties.

Trap – set traps or lures
Capture – a swarm or a hive
Buy- local or mail order

Join a local bee club and ask them where they get their bees.

Tips for getting the best bees:

The best bees are local. They are acclimated to the local weather and seem to overwinter better than shipped bees.


If you are having bees shipped, get them from a similar climate. Be sure to reserve your bee package by New Years Day in order to receive them by Springtime

It is better to buy a Nuc (nucleus of a hive) than a package


Late season swarms usually will not have time to populate before winter so, be aware if you catch them.


Google: Local Bee Suppliers to find beekeepers nearby.





Do you have any tips for acquiring bees that you would like to share with the class?

Send us questions and comments. We would love to hear from you. Happy beekeeping

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