Is Beekeeping a hobby or a business?

Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby but it can also be big business.honeycomb-1209150_1920


Five Ways to Make Money

from your Bee Hives

  1. Honey!!!! Honey! Honey- Creamed, filtered, fermented (it all sells)
  2.  sell beeswax or byproducts
  3. sell queen bees, nucs, and bee packages
  4. Swarm removal service
  5. Build Hives for other beekeepers


How much does a jar of honey sell for in your local town? Imagine if your hobby produced gallons of it per year. Your honeybees are a source of joy and also a potential for profit. Beekeepers are modern day heroes who are helping to ensure that the next generation exists. Why shouldn’t they reap the rewards?

Some beekeepers feel guilty about selling off their bees and honey but, proper hive management sometimes requires a culling of bees or a harvest of honey. A honey bound beehive is definitely not something you want to see.


You will definitely have some extra wax as well. If you wait too long in between hive checks, you will begin to see cross comb and illegal building. This wax must be scraped off. It can be melted down into a beautiful golden wax that is highly sought after by cosmetic companies and candle makers.



If your bees are about to swarm, you will need to split your hive. If you choose, you can sell one-half of the split. You could also cultivate Queens for sale.


If you have a few empty hives laying around, you may consider offering a swarm removal service or a hive removal service.


Watch: Record Swarm Removal (my favorite video on youtube) 

You can choose whether or not to charge a fee. Bees are very gentle when they are in beard formation during a swarm.

This is a great time to possibly earn a few bucks, get some free honey and perhaps, most likely, a queened colony.


If there is a hive on private property, you can charge a nominal fee for cutting out the hive and offer the homeowner a share of the honey that you collect. You may need a bit of construction experience if you are going to remove residential hives but, it is worth it if you get a laying queen and a bunch o’ honey.

The best part…you keep the bees. Not bad for a HARD days work!

Watch: JPtheBeeMan cut out a hive

If you have some basic woodworking knowledge, you can build a beehive. If you maybe got good at it, you could sell them.



What are some ways that you can think of that might earn a beekeeper a few bucks? Leave a comment and let us know – we will probably steal your idea<—joking

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